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For those best friend pieces you wished you had in a handful of colours, or that favourite shirt you've worn to death and can't get anymore - we have a solution for you.

By Maimie is our new tailoring service - allowing you to recreate your favourite item of clothing in any colour, print or pattern you wish. Choose from our collection (of hundreds) of colours of silk, or give us a brief for your ideal print, and we can work together to bring that favourite item back to life in a whole new way, that's tailored by and suited to you.

Please email or call on 07702834363 to book an appointment
Prices upon request



For copyright purposes we cannot supply the pattern or 'blue print' of designs worked on by By Maimie, nor make them part of the Maimie London collection. This is simply a service to bring life back to old favourites, it is not intended for a commercial collection.

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