India has long since been on our bucket list, and as it’s one of the world’s largest distributors of silk, both printed and woven, we thought it was imperative to visit (strictly for research purposes of course).

Pattern is everywhere in India. Florals, spiritual motifs, geometric forms and sinuous lines circle each other on every surface and all around there is colour – full power colour. It is quite literally a feast for the eyes.

We ventured across the ‘golden triangle’ of Rajasthan, soaking up the glorious colour, culture (and cuisine) and then on to Varanasi - famous for its production of fine silk and Sarees.

Quick Fire Q's...

Where to stay: Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

What to eat: Thali on a banana leaf

 What to drink: Chai

What to do: Explore. Spend time soaking up the culture, the colour - the spirit of the place. I would definitely recommend watching the sun rise over Varanasi

What not to do: Accidentally get blessed on the bank of the River Ganges and pay the ‘wise man’ a hefty fee for his services.