Louise Dixon CEO

Louise Dixon, Owner & Creative Director of Maimie London


"I bring my passion for adventure & style into reality with our capsule wardrobe collection.


As a business women with many years in the corporate world, living in multiple countries, worldwide travel and being on the move is just a fact of life and a dynamic I personally embrace. As a young girl, fashion & women's style was always a fascination for me and I always found a way to express myself through clothes, makeup and (sometimes radical) hairstyles.

The challenge for me has always been presenting myself as a professional without compromising on my love for fashion & personal style. Creating simplicity within the hectic, action packed blend of business & pleasure has been essential to me and I do believe we can aim to have it all as multifaceted women with work, family and other important demands.

My corporate career and passion for fashion always felt mismatched until the realisation that I’d naturally brought these sides of my persona into my day to day life without turning up as just a stuffy, formal business woman or a flashy, frivolous fashionista. Embracing all sides of who you are as a woman is liberating and empowering.


My mission was to create an inspiring fashion brand for women with active lives looking for timeless style, sustainable silk and the stress free simplicity of a capsule wardrobe.


And that's how Maimie London evolved into the luxury, sustainable silk, fashion brand it is today. 


With attention to quality & craftsmanship, Maimie's collection of beautiful silk womenswear hits the needs of discerning women with an eye for detail and the desire for affordable, effortless style. 


Please enjoy browsing our collection and do reach out with feedback or ideas for bringing more simplicity into your luxury wardrobe".

All love,