Oh baby it’s (still) so cold outside. With the February chill battering our bones how to stay warm and cosy but keep a glimmer of elegance?

We have put together some seasonal tips to maintain your winter glamour in these cold days and cosy nights. Don’t cast the silk trousers off for the summer season, wear them with winter panache and slink from day to night.


1) Silk and Cashmere Delights

Images *Gigi Hadid Jackson Lee/ Splash News *Miranda Kerr Robinette Kelly
    Silk and cashmere has been an everlastingly happy marriage. Singularly the most indulgent of fabrics, but worn together - what could be better? Silk trousers teamed with chunky knits are our personal favourites, or the skirt variety a la Gigi.


    2) Silk Highwaists and Flowing Lines

    This season sees an emphasis on femininity. Accentuate your feminine curve with highwaisted cuts and waist belts. Apart from anything else, when your middle is cosy, you feel warmer and more comfortable all over. So hug those middles and cinch those waists and combat glamorous comfort.

    Images from Teeth Magazine, Maimie silk trousers and shirt available  here


    3) Silk Subdued Tones
    On the thankfully exiting trajectory of winter, lets let a little colour into our lives. I for one have been living in black since October and welcome some winter whites, pales pastels, dusty roses and soft mushroom tones.
    Pastel silk trousers are a real eye catcher, delicate and demure and oozing femininity. A tough one to wear at this time of year, but oh my, do they work when worn well.
    Images from Teeth Magazine, Maimie silk trousers available here