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All products are designed and handmade in London with the greatest attention to detail and highest possible standards of quality.

We use a luxurious 19momme 100% silk satin, crepe de chine and chiffon with handmade 100% silk piping. Many of our pieces have 5% added stretch for maximum comfort and versatility; its weight and elasticity provide a beautiful drape and add to its luxurious feel and flattering nature.


For 100% silk garments we recommend dry cleaning. Please do not machine wash or tumble dry. Professional dry cleaning is the best way to retain the vibrant colour, drape and texture of the material. It will also prevent colour run, shrinkage & mis-shaping.


To care for your silk garments day to day, we recommend you hang them on padded hangers. For our dresses, we suggest a garment bag to protect from any potentially snagging on other clothes of items on the floor of your wardrobe.


At Maimie we liven up our silk with a light steam. Steaming a garment on a hanger is kinder to the material than ironing flat. Investing in a small personal steamer is inexpensive and can also be used on any other clothing fabric.

If you don't have a steamer to hand, set an iron on low steam heat, lay the silk flat on the ironing board with a clean, plain white cotton fabric (like a tea-towel) flat on-top and then run the iron directly over the cotton.


Our fail-safe solution for a quick silk refresh is to hang the clothing in a steamy bathroom to drop the wrinkles away gently whilst preventing static cling.


To avoid staining the natural silk fabric, we highly recommend allowing any skin creams, body lotions or oils to dry - and fully absorb - prior to putting on your silk clothing. Please note that harsh deodorants and antiperspirants can cause discolouration and should also be applied some time in advance of dressing.