As new owner and creative director of Maimie London, 
I wanted to say

- that's me, Louise - 

Although I'll miss the time over the winter I spent with Amber, taking on the business she created so lovingly, I'm so excited for the things to come

Maimie London was created to offer women effortlessly wearable luxury pieces that inspire confidence and all handmade in England. This remains the signature of our brand. 


Born in England and I live in London by the river Thames. Although a proud Brit and lover of London life, I consider myself a seasoned world traveller and have lived in the New York, Washington DC, North Carolina, The Netherlands and Spain. In another life, I'd lived in Singapore too. The influences from around the world bring me inspiration to create timeless fashion for modern international women.

As a forever fan of luxury style, I choose classic pieces over fast trends, but try to express some fun in my own wardrobe. There's nothing worse than my clothes wearing me so feeling feminine and comfortable are crucial.

Being passionate about nature, health & wellbeing, I try to make wiser choices. I'm conscious about where I invest my energy and attempt to tread gently on the planet. Sustainability is close to all our hearts and is foundational to the business.

I'm very proud to be part of Maimie London and celebrating British fashion design far and wide.
I wish Amber all manner of joy and excitement with her expanding family and new adventures and look forward to sharing new pieces to reignite our already wonderful collection.
Please do stay posted for updates on our journey. 

All love,