Hot Cross Buns are glazed and glistening and the chocolate eggs are hidden. The children are ready for Easter, but what about the adults? Who said little ones get to have all the fun?

Holidays like Easter may remind you that you’ll never be a kid again, but there’s good news, they’re not only ones who can hunt this Easter. Though the average ‘grown-up’ may not want to spend their evening hunting for sugar coated chocolates, hunting for secret cocktail bars may be a little more appealing. We’ve selected our three favourite secret spots, for adult Easter hunting.

So retire those bunny ears and slip into something more comfortable, because this Easter we’re going out. 

1. The Bletchley 

The Bletchley

Would you like to play a game? Welcome to the 1940’s, you have now found yourself back in time. The Bletchley is a hands-on, spy- themed cocktail bar where you can dress up and become a secret agent. You’ll have to crack codes on World War II Egnima machines, to get yourself that cocktail.

 Get this, there is no menu. Every cocktail is crafted based on your unique code by expert spymasters (mixologists) who’ll create your ciphered tipple. No two drinks are ever the same, so why order your usual when you can have the extraordinary?

The Bletchley is in a secret location in West London, open until 23rd April. £30 for a mission – consisting of three unique cocktails and a sealed envelope with the ingredients hiding


2. B.Y.O.C.


You can thank the 20’s and the prohibition for today’s underground bars. The constant search for bootlegged booze drove people underground - creating a secret community of bubbling booze and sparkling conversation.

BYOC continues to share these values - simply bring your favorite spirit (or two …) and the expert bartenders, will mix a drink tailored to you. Expect to be greeted with an antique Italian trolley armed with everything from fresh syrups, pressed juices, spices herbs and more.

You have found the golden egg -  drenched in ambience, the first-floor caters to large groups while the second floor is enveloped with chic elegance, for more intimate meetings.


3. Evans and Peel

Evans & Peel

Who ate all the chocolates? Well, Sherlock Holmes may be too busy to consider this case but Evans and Peel are on the job.  This secret detective bar, hidden in Earls Court only opens to those with the right amount of nous us to sniff them out.

Before you go a-knocking, you’ll need to have a spicy story up your sleeve. Convince the local detective why you need their assistance and they may oblige by letting you in to enjoy the decadent atmosphere with some ‘fellow’ sleuths.

So there you have it, our top three grown-up Easter hunts. Go forth and find...