Packing for a week long City Break - Capturing your signature style in one suitcase


Greetings, adventurers! Picture this: a week of urban exploration ahead, but you're determined to embark on this stylish journey with a light heart and even lighter luggage. Say hello to the enchanting world of a luxury travel capsule wardrobe – where versatility, comfort, and your unique flair join forces to make you the star of every city block!


Step 1: Foundation Palette - Let's pick a colour palette – effortless elegance meets timeless neutrals (think sophisticated black, navy, and grey). These shades lay the foundation for your urban escapades, allowing endless combinations to emerge. With layers in mind, opt for fabric weights that play nicely together, allowing you to seamlessly transition from day to night, and back again.

Silk is a perfect as the breathable comfortable luxury choice.


Step 2: Themes - An orchestra of experiences – from business meetings that seamlessly flow into cocktail rendezvous, to cultural explorations morphing into vibrant nightlife. Prepare for the city's symphony by packing versatile pieces that harmonise with any scene. It's all about creating multiple outfits with key anchor pieces.

Step 3: Anchoring - Meet your secret weapon – the anchor piece. Slip into it for your journey, whether it's tailored pants, a sleek pair of jeans that transition from plane to sightseeing or a chic skirt from day to evening. These bottoms lay the groundwork for your sartorial escapade. Aim for 2-4 anchor pieces.

Anchor pieces we love: Estella Silk trouser

Step 4: Pairing - Tops are your canvas - whether it's a collection of tees, silk camisoles, white blouses, or patterned shirts, embrace the art of pairing. Channel your personal style expression while ensuring each top aligns with your colour palette. Aim for 5-7 tops per week – a perfect blend of chic and comfortable.

Pairing pieces we love: Lola Camisole, Pom Lamson Bardot Shirt

Step 5: Layers of Luxury - Elevate your ensemble with layers - A tailored blazer for an evening soiree, a cozy sweater for that café date, a versatile cardigan, and a sweatshirt for downtime in your hotel sanctuary. These layers add depth and character to your capsule. Choose one of each depending on the season.

Layer pieces we love: Roxy Wrap Jacket, BEGGXCO cardigan


Step 6: Shoe Game - The exclamation mark of your outfit. From sophisticated heels that lift your spirits to clean sneakers that take you on urban explorations, pick 2-4 pairs of shoes that align with your urban agenda. Don't forget comfort here. Complement your footwear with a top-notch, seasonally-appropriate coat – a timeless trench-coat that perfectly balances style and year-round practicality.

Top-off pieces we love: Sans Martin Originals

Step 7: Expressions - Here's where your unique style takes centre stage. Adorn yourself with accessories that are an extension of your essence – handbags, sunglasses, hats, jewellery, and scarves that whisper your personality. Each piece speaks volumes, making every outfit a work of art...remember your foundation when selecting these.

Expressions we love: Aspinal Raffia Camera BagKeiko Short Kimono Style Jacket


Step 8: Event Enchantment - Got an event that demands a standout ensemble? Let that be your guiding star, shaping the rest of your capsule around it. This ensures a seamless, stylish transition from day to soirée. Perhaps a little black dress or silk pant suit.


Step 9: Activewear - Keep the balance - Because even city adventurers need their moments of serenity. Pack high-quality activewear that effortlessly takes you from a morning jog or impromptu yoga session to a healthy juice-bar. Remember, chic activewear is your passport to feeling fabulous even in unexpected encounters.

Step 10: Cosmopolitan Code - As you explore cosmopolitan havens like London and Paris, keep in mind the city's nuances. Some establishments have dress codes that restrict certain attire (jeans, sneakers, sportswear) – a perfect reason to embrace Maimie London's versatile silk wardrobe pieces that effortlessly blend elegance and adaptability.

So there you have it – a city escape capsule wardrobe that speaks to simplicity, self-expression, and uncompromising confidence. Unveil your style story, embrace the magic of versatility, and embark on your urban adventure.


All love.